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I have a dojo div on a JSP page. Now what I want is that, when the contents of the div get refreshed by an action, a particular javascript code/function should be executed (after the completion of the refresh process).

I have tried using afterNotifyTopics. It does execute the code I want, but the problem is that it executes the code too early (i.e. as soon as the request is completed successfully ). So the elements in the div are not accessible in the javascript function that I have called.

Here is the code :

Jsp page (I am just showing the relevant part out of the big jsp):

    <s:url id="getSalaryDetails" action="getSalaryDetails" />
    <sd:div  id="widget" href="%{getSalaryDetails}" listenTopics="getSalaryDetails" formId="selectPeriod" showLoadingText="true" loadingText="Loading..." afterNotifyTopics="start" >

In the javascript :

    dojo.event.topic.subscribe("start", function(){
        var saveToDbs = document.getElementsByName("saveToDb");

Now I do get the 1st alert, but not the second because the element is not accessible till now.

Note: If I call the same function on click of a button after the div has loaded, it works as expected.

So everything boils down to "How to execute this code after the div has finished loading".

Any help is appreciated.


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Does that div come ready-made from the server or is it built up client side with Javascript? –  hugomg Jan 24 '12 at 11:20
@missingno : I guess it comes ready-made from server side. Because the action is executed the server side. The table inside the div is built using struts iterator tag using variables sent from server. –  kanishk Jan 24 '12 at 11:49

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