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I have to change a password to something else, I have got all the details like userid, username, encrypted password, password format.

How can I change the password via SQL in asp.net membership?

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Check out this post: stackoverflow.com/questions/287320/… –  E.J. Brennan Jan 24 '12 at 11:51

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You can use this query;

Declare @UserName NVarChar(30)    
Declare @Password NVarChar(30)    
Declare @Application NVarChar(255)    
Declare @PasswordSalt NVarChar(128)    

set @UserName = 'UserName'    
set @Password = 'Pass'    
set @Application = '/Application'    
Set @PasswordSalt = (SELECT 1 PasswordSalt FROM aspnet_Membership WHERE UserID IN    (SELECT UserID FROM aspnet_Users u, aspnet_Applications a WHERE u.UserName=@UserName and a.ApplicationName = @Application AND u.ApplicationId = a.ApplicationId))    

Exec dbo.aspnet_Membership_ResetPassword @Application, @UserName, @Password, 10, 10, @PasswordSalt, -5    
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This worked great - solves an inherited problem I've had for over 2 years! –  MTAdmin Jan 28 '13 at 20:53
Please note this answer updates the user's password to a plain text password. This will not store a salted and hashed password. Note that the set @PasswordSalt statement does nothing here (and should read Select top 1 PasswordSalt FROM ....). –  subsci Oct 2 '14 at 4:28

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