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I still haven't found a proper way to show an opengl overlay oon top of camera preview,

There's a hack, where you call


but it doesn't work properly - i.e. when you switch to anouther activity and go back, the opengl layer isnt displayed over camera preview.

there are a lot of tutorials and samples which use the above method, but it simply doesn't work as expected

does anyone know how they do it in layar

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It looks like I've found the solution to my problem - its setZOrderMediaOverlay function, heres my code:

private void initViews()
    mFrame = new FrameLayout(this);
    setContentView( mFrame );
private void initGLView()
    mRenderer = new MyGLRenderer( this );
    mGLView = new GLSurfaceView(this);
    mGLView.setEGLConfigChooser(8, 8, 8, 8, 16, 0);

    mFrame.addView( mGLView );      

private void initCameraView()
    mCameraSurfaceView = new CameraSurfaceView(this);
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Did you ever consider that when switching to another activity you are loosing the opengl context from the overlaying glsurface?

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That is not the problem - I created both views with 150 dp margin, one right aligned, and the other left aligned, and both of thew where ok, but the camera view was over the GLSurvaceView. Luckily I think I've found the solution - see my answer. –  imbryk Jan 30 '12 at 8:48

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