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I'm trying to send partitions of a NxN matrix to different process.. I succed in this using MPI_Scatterv, as you can seen in the code below, but if I try to use instead MPI_Send and MPI_Recv the result is a segfault. Why? I saw different similar questions to this, like this one MPI Matrix Multiplication with Dynamic Allocation: Seg. Fault, but nothing changes...

n = N/nprocs;   
n0 = n + N - n*nprocs;
int counts[nprocs], displs[nprocs];
counts[0] = n0*N;
displs[0] = 0;
double * weights = (double *)calloc(N*N, (sizeof(double)));
if(myid == 0){
    n = n0;      
    for(i=0; i<N; i++){
        for(j=i; j<N; j++){
            if(i==j) *(weights+i*N+j) = 0;
            else {
               *(weights+i*N+j) = rand() / (RAND_MAX+1.0);
               *(weights+j*N+i) = *(weights+i*N+j);
double * partition = (double *)calloc(n*N, (sizeof(double)));
MPI_Scatterv(weights, counts, displs, MPI_DOUBLE, partition, n*N, MPI_DOUBLE, 0, COMM);

Instead, using the send and recv primitives:

    for(i=0; i<nprocs; i++)
        MPI_Send(weights+displs[i], counts[i], MPI_DOUBLE, i, 0, COMM); 
MPI_Recv(partition, counts[myid], MPI_DOUBLE, 0, 0, COMM, status);

What is wrong? Thank you in advance... p.s.: sorry for my English!

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It's a very minor problem; although I don't see the variable definition, I strongly suspect the MPI_Recv line should be MPI_Recv(..., COMM, &status).

There is one more issue, however; a task should avoid sending messages to itself, and it must not issue a blocking send (eg, MPI_Send vs. MPI_Isend) to itself; for large enough messages, that send will deadlock, task 0 is issuing a blocking send but not actively receiving it yet.

Something like this would work:

    for(i=1; i<nprocs; i++)
        MPI_Send(weights+displs[i], counts[i], MPI_DOUBLE, i, 0, COMM);

    memcpy(weights+displs[0], partition, counts[0]*sizeof(double));
} else {
    MPI_Recv(partition, counts[myid], MPI_DOUBLE, 0, 0, COMM, &status);

Note that as a practical matter, MPI_Scatterv should be as fast or faster than a loop over sends.

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Thank you but unfortunately nothing changes... The status variable is a pointer so this is not the problem, and even if task 0 doesn't send and receive anything I have a segfault. I think that the problem is in my pointer buffer (weights or partition) in the send or receive primitive. I know that MPI_Scatterv is faster but I encountered an error message on it if I try to use it on different version of OpenMpi. May you help me? –  user1166792 Jan 24 '12 at 15:55
What do you mean by 'status is a pointer'? Do you have MPI_Status *status;? If so that won't work, it's a pointer to nowhere. You'll need to either status = malloc(sizeof(MPI_Status));, or do MPI_Status status; and as above. –  Jonathan Dursi Jan 24 '12 at 16:02

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