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I have JSON (<1k) to store in Redis through node.js. What are the pros and cons of storing it as an object or string? Are there other options I missed? All processing will ultimately happen on the client side, so converting into an object is not necessary.


var images = JSON.parse(data);          // data is already JSON, is this needed?
callback(images);                       // sends result to the user
r.set('images:' + req.query, images);   // saving the object


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You can store JSON in redis either as a plain string in dedicated key (or member/value of a set/list) or in a hash structure. If you look at node_redis docs into Friendlier hash commands part you'll see that it gives you some useful methods for manipulating JSON based data. Pros of this approach is that it allows you to get/set only part of the original object and it might also consume less memory compared to plain strings.

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Thanks! Looks like the con of the hash structure is that retrieval is much slower, since you would have to iterate through the each field to reconstruct the original. –  tofutim Jan 24 '12 at 19:12
You can retrieve the entire hash with HGETALL command and although it's time complexity is O(n) I think the performance would be visibly affected only with large amounts of field/value pairs. –  yojimbo87 Jan 24 '12 at 19:28

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