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I have a link that calls this:

<%=link_to 'Free Trial', '/sign_up', :rel => "#signup", :class => "sign_up_button"%>

Which renders mysite.com/sign_up - This loads a partial in a Jquery light box. However What I would love to do is have a controller statement where if the link above is clicked it renders the page with no layout. But if the user navigates to mysite.com/sign_up from the address bar, they see the same page but with a layout.

I am thinking in my controller something like this:

 def sign_up
   if :variable == true
   render :layout => false
   render :layout => 'layouts/sign_up'

then in my link declaring a variable it can pass to the controller? something like

:variable => 'true'

I am thinking about this in the right way? How would the above work?

The main reason for this is so that if mysite.com/login is loaded on its own (without Jquery) then it will still look good!


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You have two ways :

  • You can do as you are thinking, and set your partial flag via POST. Replace /signup with /signup?partial=1 and in your controller if params[:partial]

  • Or you can render conditionnaly looking at request.xhr? (but ajax headers must be setted correctly by your js framework)

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I went with the partial=1 params in the end as it seemed simple and replicable in the controller - thanks –  Charlie Davies Jan 24 '12 at 16:46

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