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I'd like to use memcached in my java web application, and after some digging I found that spymemcached and xmemcached are considered the best ones in java community.
After taking a closer look on these libraries I found that they use tons of extra libraries (spring, jboss.netty, hibernate, ...)
and it makes sense for me because my java application based on some 3-rd party application (openfire) which uses jetty as a servlet container and tends to be simple and fast.

Is there any memcached client implementation that requires not so many dependencies? (Or maybe there is a way to use spymemcahed without them)

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Spymemcached only had a lot of dependencies because we added a bunch of stuff to support Membase/Couchbase. For the 2.8 release of Spymemcached though we ripped out all of the Membase/Couchbase stuff out and put it into a new project called Couchbase-Client. In 2.8 the only dependencies are log4j and spring beans. With some easy modifications to the Spymemcached source you could easily remove the spring beans dependency too.

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Also you can take a look at gwhalin memcached java client. It is extremely easy to start using it because it uses no external dependencies.

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