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Assume user enters "Vintage Audi Car" as search criteria

My table has a field "Description" as Varchar(Max)

I want to search the user entered values as Vintage OR Audi OR Car. The result should display the rows that contains all the three words in "Description" at top and rows with any two words and then rows with any one word.

Let me know how this can be achieved.

I am open to use Full Text Search.

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Not being familiar with FTS, you'd really have multiple queries unioned (not ALLed) together. I assume with FTS, you could write 3 queries, vintage AND audi AND car, followed by vintage AND audi + vintage AND car ... followed by vintage OR audi or car –  billinkc Jan 24 '12 at 13:22
That will decrease the performance of the query significantly. Also I cannot assume that always there will be only three words in search criteria –  Abhinandan K Jan 25 '12 at 5:48

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That should be possible using full text search with the command CONTAINSTABLE:

INNER JOIN CONTAINSTABLE(Car, Description, 'ISABOUT (Vintage weight (.5), Audi weight (0.5), Car weight (0.5) )') AS A 
   ON Car.Id = A.[KEY] 

The rank is calculated by the weight, so a row with the description "Vintage Audi" will get a higher rank than the row with the description "Audi".

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Even i had same issue i solved it using MYISAM engine

alter the table Car



select * FROM Car WHERE MATCH (Description) AGAINST ('Vintage Audi Car'  IN BOOLEAN MODE);
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