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I have an array of strings

["2 10000",56 10001","3 10002","1 10003"]

I would like to get parts or each string item and create separate arrays something like:

["2","56","3","1"] , ["","","",""] and

My question is how to get those characters?

For the first Array, would it be something like from first to " " empty space get < And for the second Array, would it be something like from " " to " " get < And for third something like from " " to last get <

I hope my question is well understood and I get some replies thank u in advance!

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A little bit shorter than Jef's answer:

data = ["2 10000","56 10001","3 10002","1 10003"]

String#split splits on whitespace by default, and when you just need to call a method for each array entry, instead of map { |x| x.do_something } you can use the shorter map(&:do_something).

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I igored String#split uses whitespace as the separator. Good one ! A version shorter than yours will be quite a challenge... – Jef Jan 24 '12 at 16:16
data = ["2 10000","56 10001","3 10002","1 10003"]
data.collect {|value| value.split(" ")}.transpose
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Good answer, but maybe you could first assign the array to a variable so your answer appears without scrolling? – Mark Thomas Jan 24 '12 at 13:38
@Alex and Mark : you're right, sorry ! – Jef Jan 24 '12 at 13:39

Fast and verbose version:

data = ["2 10000","56 10001","3 10002","1 10003"]
result = [[],[],[]]
data.each do |element|
  parts = element.split
  result[0] << parts[0]
  result[1] << parts[1]
  result[2] << parts[2]

puts result.inspect
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