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I am having trouble parsing the input file in the Auction Problem of Facebook HackerCup.

Every line of the input file contains 9 space-separated integers: N, P1, W1, M, K, A, B, C and D. According to the input constraints the numbers can be as big as 10^18. So, I decided to use long long int to store the variables.

I am doing:

FILE *fr;
long long int N, P1, W1, M, K, A, B, C, D;
char line[1024];    
fr = fopen ("input.txt", "rt");

while(fgets(line, 1024, fr) != NULL)
    sscanf(line, "%lld %lld %lld %lld %lld %lld %lld %lld %lld", &N, &P1, &W1, &M, &K, &A, &B, &C, &D);
    printf("N:%lld P1:%lld W1:%lld M:%lld K:%lld A:%lld B:%lld C:%lld D:%lld\n\n", N, P1, W1, M, K, A, B, C, D);

For a line 81834165 9999991 1 9999991 9999989 389999650 169999844 799999121 149999837, I get N:81834165 P1:4367 W1:9999991 M:4078336 K:1 A:2292512 B:9999991 C:2292488 D:9999989

Can you please help me to point out the problem in this code? Any recommendation about parsing a similar file would also be appreciated.

Edit: I should add that it works for int variables as in:

char line[1024];    
int N, P1, W1, M, K, A, B, C, D;

strcpy(line, "81834165 9999991 1 9999991 9999989 389999650 169999844 799999121 149999837");
printf("Line: %s", line);
sscanf(line, "%d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d", &N, &P1, &W1, &M, &K, &A, &B, &C, &D);
printf("ret_val:%d\n\n", ret_val);
printf("N:%d P1:%d W1:%d M:%d K:%d A:%d B:%d C:%d D:%d\n\n", N, P1, W1, M, K, A, B, C, D);

I just noticed something strange. Printing more than one long long int variables in one printf() outputs wrong values while printing them in separate printf()s outputs right values. I mean:

printf("N:%lld P1:%lld\n", N, P1);
printf("N:%lld\n", N);
printf("P1:%lld\n", P1);


N:81834165 P1:2009288239

Do you have any idea about it?


I have found out that the problem was with the compiler I was using (gcc on MinGW) On this compiler, I needed to replace %lld with %I64d. I found a similar problem at this post.

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It's work fine for me. please send your whole code. (I just wrap it with #include <stdio.h> , int main(){ and return 0;} I also guess that the problem is in the reading from file, so your test with int doesn't prove anything. – asaelr Jan 24 '12 at 14:03
yes, it is exactly as yours. But it doesn't work for me. Note that it works for int variables. – mustafa Jan 24 '12 at 14:07
Well, since the same code works for me, but not for you, I suggest you to run it in debugger. Also, what happens if you use strcpy (like your second code) with long long int (as your first code)? – asaelr Jan 24 '12 at 14:10
The 't' in the mode argument is not portable. – pmg Jan 24 '12 at 14:11
Are you compiling with a C99 implementation? long long did not exist (except as an extension) in C89. Increase the level of warning of your compiler and mind the warnings. You can check for a C99 implementation with printf("%ld", __STDC_VERSION__); If it doesn't exist or is less than 199901 you don't have a C99 implementation. – pmg Jan 24 '12 at 14:36

Apparently, %lld doesn't work correctly. According to this page, "You should use %I64d instead of %lld as MinGW uses MSVCRT."

Hope this helps!

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Make sure to check the return value of sscanf(). There might be subtle errors in your input that causes it to abort after the first few conversions.

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it returns 9, correct for 9 variables – mustafa Jan 24 '12 at 13:43

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