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I want to select xml schema assigned to a xml column in my SQL Server database, from a SQL statement.

I am stuck, I've looked in information_schema.columns with no luck, I can just alter it.

In Management Studio, in column properties under Xml Type Specification I can set (scheme collection) I want to simply select this from SQL statement.

Thanks for your help.

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Something like this should do it.

select C2.name
from sys.columns as C1
  inner join sys.xml_schema_collections as C2
    on C1.xml_collection_id = C2.xml_collection_id
where C1.object_id = object_id('TableName') and
      C1.name = 'ColumnName'
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thanks a lot, works perfectly, you saved my day :) –  Kamil Lach Jan 24 '12 at 14:32

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