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I've been searching around for a good way to implement the hierarchy below.

I've completed the implementation of the login and the UITabBarController for the other three views.

What i need now is for the selected tab to act as the rootviewcontroller in my soon to be implemented UINavigationcontroller, which is supposed to handle pushing and popping from and to the detailed views.

Hierarchy summary:

    TabBarController - Holds it's own view and the three views below. 
             OneView (If selected should be root for UINavigationcontroller)
               - DetailView (DetailView of OneView)
                    -DetailView (Details of detailview)
             AnotherView (If selected should be root for UINavigationcontroller)
                - DetailView (DetailView of AnotherView)
                    -DetailView (Details of detailview)
             AThirdView (If selected should be root for UINavigationcontroller)
                - DetailView (DetailView of AThirdView)
                    -DetailView (Details of detailview)

The three views, lon, schema and tidsaldo are all connected to the UITabBarController in the interface builder.

So, what i basically need help with, is some guidelines and/or tips on how to make either of those three tabs the root for my UINavigationController.

What i've tried among other things is to grab hold of the App Delegate and adding the subview of the current rootviewcontroller for the UINavigationController. But that makes me loose the tabbar somehow.

Any tips and/or pointers are highly appreciated.

PS. There might be typos.

Hierarchy structure

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Please check out [this][1] post. Or this [tutorial][2] [1]: cimgf.com/2009/06/25/… [2]: jduff.github.com/2010/03/09/… –  Jimit Jan 24 '12 at 15:58
Thanks, i looked at those and found some very neat stuff. –  doge Jan 25 '12 at 14:51

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Solved by adding Navigationcontrollers in the Tabbarcontroller instead of Viewcontrollers.

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