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There is currently no easy way to check if an auto-submit URL has been flattred by the authenticated user.

The current way is to

  • get the thing, which is 1 request
  • then get the list of all flattred things of the authenticated user, which is another request and a potentially really big response
  • then iterate over the list and match the thing, which is a performance bottle neck

All this makes it unusable for a mobile client like an iOS device. There needs to be a new call. My proposal is:



  "message": "found",
  "description": "The url has been flattred.",
  "location": ""
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We had mistakenly not documented the "flattred" parameter on a thing - it should tell you whether the thing is flattred by the authenticated users.

So do a /lookup on the auto-submit URL and check the "flattred" parameter on the thing it gives you.

We've added it to the documentation now:

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