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I'm making a website form that grabs tables from my database and gives the user the ability to vote on them (vote up/vote down)..

To do this I made a SQL statement that selects all from my table in the database, then does a loop adding to a string that displays the contents of the table to the user in a formatted manner. In this output string I have it so there are submit buttons with hidden input types with the postid. My idea is that each row in the table would have its own set of submit(vote up, vote down) buttons and will pass the value from the hidden field to the corresponding page.

while (results.next() && i < 10) {
                output += "<form name='feed' method='POST'><a href=postid.jsp?id="
                        + results.getString("id") + ">"
                        + results.getString("id") + "</a> - <input type='hidden' name='postid value='"
                        + results.getString("id") + "'>"
                        + results.getString("content") + "<br> <input type='submit'   value='Thumbs up("
                        + results.getString("upvote") + ")'> | <input type='submit'   value='Thumbs down.("
                        + results.getString("downvote") + ")'>| "
                        + results.getString("gender") + " - "
                        + results.getString("userid") + "<br><br></form>";

My question is, how would I approach this. The way I did above does not do anything. I know I need some sort of Javascript from reading online.

The way it outputs is:

postid - POST CONTENT 
- MALE - user120123


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What's your question? –  T.J. Crowder Jan 24 '12 at 14:48
What is your question? Does it not work? –  AlexZam Jan 24 '12 at 14:49

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One suggestion would be to write out links (or buttons as you are currently doing) with blank actions and then use javascript (say using a library like jQuery) to attach click event handlers to each of the links.

The handler javascript function could pick up the ID of the post the link is for, and whether it was a "Thumbs up" or a "Thumbs down", then either redirect the page, or make an AJAX call to another page on your server, passing POST or GET parameters specifying which post was selected, and what kind of vote.

Your server side code would recieve these parameters and then could update the database backend appropriately.

So, you could do something like this:

<!-- In HTML page source -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    function handleVote(postId, vote)
        // Where postId will be your postID and vote is either a boolean or whatever, say a text value like "up" or "down"
        var link = "handlevote.jsp?post=" + postId + "&vote=" & vote;

        // Something like (to redirect the page - insert your own page name in here):
        window.location = link;

        // OR make an ajax call to perform the same thing in the background using a library like jQuery

          url: link,
          context: document.body,
          success: function(){
            // Optionally do some additional UI stuff here like restyling the relevant "thumbs up/down" link.

And in your server side page generation:

output += ... snip ... 
       + "<a href='#' onclick='handleVote(" 
       + results.getString("id") 
       + ", ''up'');'>Thumbs Up</a>" // etc
 //Watch out for the correct escaping of quotes there - I'm not 100% sure that is correct.

So now, whenever your users click a link, it calls the javascrupt function handleVote and this either redirects to another page, or makes an AJAX call to another page to handle recording the vote.

The "other page" server side code would look at the query string parameters passed in and assign the vote to the appropriate post.

Obviously, this is just one approach. You could use POST rather than GET like you are attempting at the moment. You could use <input> elements not links etc. etc. but the pattern is the same.

You could do this without javascript at all if you go down the redirection route, and just write the URL of your "handle vote" page into the href of the anchor.

One final thing to consider is how (if needed) to "secure" the handle vote page such that users can't repeatedly resubmit upvotes (if this is not allowed).

Handy resources that might help you out:

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