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At present I am using an include statement to display all my menus. However I understand that some of my links are broken when accessing pages that are not located in the same directory.

Is there a way, by using the same link regardless of file location it will always access the same pages.

For example

My main folder currently contains:

Files = 

I also have the sub folders:


The main problem I have is that from by using an include statement from to get the navBar from the html folder the links included do not work when a viewing a file from say the items folder.

So my question is to find out how to make the navigation links work for specific pages regardless of file location.

I hope you can understand my problem, I am also kind of new to this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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Can you post an example link up here, with the path to the intended file? It's unclear whether a broken link 'foo.php' needs to bring up '/a_specific_dir/foo.php', /any_dir/foo.php or just /foo.php –  Dave Everitt Jan 24 '12 at 18:06
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You should make config file to define your path. Then use the variable to include relative paths.

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