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I am using Spring MVC for my web application. I need to validate that the URL the user inputs is valid and was wondering if there is something in Spring that can do the basic checks for me (for example starts with http/https, has domain name etc).

ValidationUtils only contains very basic checks and I know I can write a regular expression in the validate() method however prefer to avoid it inm case someone has already done it :)


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In the past, I have always utilized Hibernate Validator. Simply annotate the appropriate field in your form bean with a @URL constraint.

If you've never used the ORM part of Hibernate before, don't let that scare you. The Validator portion is not dependent on the ORM stuff, and integrating it into Spring is very straightforward.

If for some reason you can't use Hibernate Validator... or you just want to stick with what you're comfortable with, a good place for regex's is RegExLib.com; several patterns that can match a URI are listed there.

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Ended up iusing UrlValidator from apache commons.

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Use a spring interceptor:


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As far as I understand Spring interceptor allows you to modify the HttpRequest and HttpResponse. Of you course you could apply URL validity checks there but if that's the case I prefer using the Validator interface. My question was more about if there's something in Spring that can validate the URL for me instead of me using messy regexp. Something like "The Awnry Bear" has shown above with Hibernate only with pure Spring. –  Joly Feb 6 '12 at 15:52

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