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I have a div on my page, and I want to make it expand to a certain size and then stop. Right now I have...

div {height:300px; width:700px; overflow:auto;}

The overflow attribute makes it scroll, but until then, I would like it to expand with the content. I have a text box below this and it looks bad with a text box floating down part of the page. Is there a way to have both of these attributes? All of the hits I found on Google were about making it expand to fit the content. Thanks!

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Try using max-height.

This will allow you to specify the maximum height the box can be and once it reaches this height it will scroll as you've specified.

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Did you mean you want the div to have its height variable, depending on the size of content? Then just give height: auto instead of giving a fixed height of 300px. height: auto will adjust the height of the div based on the content size. Also define max-height property if you want to limit the maximum height the div can extend to.

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No, I wanted a maximum height. The previous solution was quick, easy, and worked like a charm! –  CoffeeRain Jan 24 '12 at 16:03
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