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Hi all got a small problem accessing a looped php variable. My script loops through and uses x and y from a mysql database. It also loops the id out which I cannot get access to, it comes up as undefined. I am using a mouse out function to detect each separate div that has been looped and get specific id.

Help very much appreciated!

Javascript to get attributes ready for database manipulation:

  $(this).mouseout(function() {

   var stickytext_id = $(this).attr('textstickyid');//alerted out returns undefined.


Looped PHP to get attr form:


        $x = $row['textsticky_x'];
        $y = $row['textsticky_y'];

 echo '<div class="textsticky" style="position: absolute; left:'.$x.'px; top:'.$y.'px;" textstickyid="'.$row['textsticky_id'].'">
    <div class="textstickyvalueholder"contentEditable="true">'. $row['textsticky_text'] .'  


Can get other looped vars e.g. $row['textsticky_text']; and x and y for position without issue, Is there a better way to do this? I have a feeling the inline style is affecting it but not sure....

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What does the HTML look like in the browser once rendered? –  Jivings Jan 24 '12 at 15:42
Instead of posting your php code, please post your rendered html. Also, post the code that $(this).mouseout(...) is in. It could be a simple selector issue $('div.textsticky').mouseout(...), but it depends on your full code. –  mrtsherman Jan 24 '12 at 15:42
Although attr('textstickyid') will work, you should really use the data attribute, see: api.jquery.com/jQuery.data –  Kris Erickson Jan 24 '12 at 15:45

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Okay, I am just going to go out on a limb here and assume your initial selector is incorrect. $(this) is the window in typical code flow.

$(this).mouseout(function() {
    var stickytext_id = $(this).attr('textstickyid');//alerted out returns undefined.

Should be:

$('div.textsticky').mouseout(function() {
    var stickytext_id = $(this).attr('textstickyid');//alerted out returns undefined.

Also, as Kris mentioned in comments, instead of inventing tags use the data attribute which is a part of html5.

<div class="textsticky" data-textstickyid="blah" />

It can then be accessed via jQuery's data method.


And as long as we are offering advice, if you are in jQuery 1.7+ you should be using prop instead of attr for accessing properties (unless of course you decide to use the data method) just recommended.

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Your selector on the mouseout event may be wrong: (depending on the context)

$(".textsticky").mouseout(function() {
  var stickytext_id = $(this).attr('textstickyid');
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