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In the code below I am getting an error when I try to get all items based on a content type that is used in the pages library. It works fine when I query the announcment list, though.

This is the description in the stack:

   at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPGlobal.HandleComException(COMException comEx)
   at Microsoft.SharePoint.Library.SPRequest.GetMetadataForUrl(String bstrUrl, Int32 METADATAFLAGS, Guid& pgListId, Int32& plItemId, Int32& plType, Object& pvarFileOrFolder)
   at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.GetList(String strUrl)
   at Intranet.ControlTemplates.ShortNewsOverview.GetItemFromList(SPWeb web, SPContentTypeUsage u, SPContentType ct)
   at Intranet.ControlTemplates.ShortNewsOverview.GetAllItems()
   at Intranet.ControlTemplates.ShortNewsOverview.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)

private void GetItemsbyContentType()

    SPSite site = SPContext.Current.Site;

    SPWeb rootwWeb = site.RootWeb;
    SPContentType ct = rootwWeb.ContentTypes["GeneralNews"];

    IList<SPContentTypeUsage> usages = SPContentTypeUsage.GetUsages(ct);

    foreach (SPContentTypeUsage usage in usages)

        if (usage.IsUrlToList)
            SPList list = rootwWeb.GetList(usage.Url); /// <-- Error occurs here
            SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
            query.Query = "<Query />";

                //            "<Where><Eq>",
                //                "<FieldRef Name='ContentType'/>",
                //                string.Format("<Value Type='Computed'>{0}</Value>", ct.Name),
                //            "</Eq></Where>");

            SPListItemCollection listItems = list.GetItems(query);

            Label lable1 = new Label();

            foreach (SPItem item in listItems)
                lable1.Text += item["Title"].ToString() + "<br />";
            //for (int i = 0; i < listItems.Count; i++)
            //    listItems[i].Delete();
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is there a reason that you're using content type name in the query rather than the commented content type id bit? In the name I'd be worried about escaping characters, having an exact match, etc. Were you having problems using that? Also, what's the error message? You only gave a stack trace. – Servy Jan 24 '12 at 16:11
I tried contenttypeId but it was not working either. The error that I get is simply an empty string that's why I posted the stack trace. – Helm Sterk Jan 25 '12 at 8:25

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