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There are several rank posts out there but I have yet to see one dealing with when the results are paginated and when the ranking criteria (in this case: points) is equal to the previous user. I have tried a few of the pre-existing examples but none have worked.

I have a table called "users" with the column "id". I also have a table called "points" with the columns "user_id" and "amount".

I need:

1.) Users with duplicate sum of points to have the same rank

Points Table

user_id     amount
   1          10
   2          20
   1           5
   3          20
   3          -5
   4          5

Rank should be

rank     user_id    total
 1          2        20
 2          1        15
 2          3        15
 3          4        5

2.) Needs to maintain the ranking from one page to another so the rank has to be gathered in the query and not the resulting PHP.

3.) Display ALL users not just ones with rows in the points table because some users have 0 points and I want to display them last.

Right now I'm just listing the users in order of their points but their rank is not gathered because it wasn't working.

$getfanspoints = mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT id,
(SELECT SUM(amount) AS points FROM points WHERE points.user_id = AS points
FROM users
ORDER BY points DESC LIMIT $offset, $fans_limit", $conn);

I've read these solutions and none have worked.

[Roland's Blog][1]

[How to get rank based on SUM's][2]

[MySQL, get users rank][3]

[How to get rank using mysql query][4]

and a few others whose link I can't find right now.

Any suggestions?


I used ypercube's bottom answer.

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Just a side note: if you show the ranks more than you change them, it would be worth thinking about denormalizing your tables and storing the sum of points for every user in the users table. Update it only when a user gets some points, instead of recalculating it for every page render. –  bububaba Jan 24 '12 at 15:50
I think that will be difficult to do with my situation as users earn and lose points rapidly but points are also sort of "in queue", there is a delay between when the points are rewarded and when they can actually use their points for stuff. Also each point is tied to a specific action. The points table also includes the columns page_id, module_id, post_id, group_id, item_id, other_users. They earn and lose points for different activities and a log of it is displayed on their profile and in the user dashboard. Hard to explain but I do not feel it would work. –  bowlerae Jan 24 '12 at 15:55

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     , t.user_id
      ( SELECT   user_id
             ,   SUM(amount) AS total
        FROM     points 
        GROUP BY user_id
      ) AS t
                 SUM(amount) AS total
        FROM     points 
        GROUP BY user_id
      ) AS dt
    ON <=
GROUP BY t.user_id
       , user_id

But the above may be really slow with a big table and points awarded often. It might be really better to have just this and calculate the ranks in your application code:

SELECT    AS user_id
     ,   SUM(amount) AS total
    ON   points.user_id =
       , user_id

This will work, too (edited, to work with the users table and with OFFSET):

          @rank := @rank + (@t <> total) AS rank
        , user_id 
        , @t := total AS total
        ( SELECT AS user_id
               ,   COALESCE(SUM(amount),0) AS total
          FROM users
            LEFT JOIN points
              ON = points.user_id
          GROUP BY
        ) AS o
        ( SELECT @rank := 0, @t := -999999
        ) AS dummy
    ORDER BY total DESC
           , user_id
  ) tmp
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none of the solutions work, no error message just returns 0 results. Why would it be selecting the SUM(amount) AS total FROM users instead of from points? –  bowlerae Jan 24 '12 at 16:35
Yes, it should be from points. –  ypercube Jan 24 '12 at 16:46
it wasn't working :( but I think I might of just gotten it. Check above. –  bowlerae Jan 24 '12 at 16:48
It needs some adjustment (one more LEFT JOIN) to show also the users without points. –  ypercube Jan 24 '12 at 16:48
thanks for your help –  bowlerae Jan 24 '12 at 16:54

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