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I've got a custom CalloutButton component in a package called uiComponents. This custom CallOutButton is needed because I need some more properties in it.

This CalloutButton gets added to my MXML like usual;

     <uiComponents:MyCustomCalloutButton someproperties here >


Now, the enclosed s:calloutContent gets a compilation error, the (almost standard) could not resolve...

Naturally, the namespace has been imported

What am I missing here? This is driving me nuts for more than an hour now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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What is the compilation error? Is this just a matter of you not importing the 'uiComponents' namespace at the top of your MXML file? –  JeffryHouser Jan 24 '12 at 17:08
uiComponents has been imported (I already tried different namespaces, class names and packages in case that there is a flex internal class with a similar name). Oddly enough, the error doesn't occur at the MyCustomCallout line, rather than on the enclosed s:calloutContent tag. Instead of simply extending the CalloutButton class, I already copied the whole content of it to my CustomCallout, so I reckon there's an issue with encapsulated spark components in a component with a different namespace (although that works fine for components other than the Callout). –  AlBirdie Jan 25 '12 at 7:30
Show us the code where you inport the uiComponents namespace. If the error occurs on an enclosed callout tag; why didn't you show us that line? In many situations, enclosed tags must use the same namespace as their parent, so replace it with "uiComponents:calloutContent" –  JeffryHouser Jan 25 '12 at 13:47
I did not know that. Worked perfectly fine. Thank you very much! Appreciate it! –  AlBirdie Jan 25 '12 at 15:26
I posted that as a formal answer for you. –  JeffryHouser Jan 25 '12 at 16:05

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Since the error was generated from the s:calloutContent tag ; not the uiComponents:MyCustomCallOutButton tag; the solution was that in many situations, enclosed tags must use the same namespace as their parent, so replace it with uiComponents:calloutContent

So instead of this:

 <uiComponents:MyCustomCalloutButton someproperties here >
     <s:calloutContent />

You'll need to do this:

 <uiComponents:MyCustomCalloutButton someproperties here >
     <uiComponents:calloutContent />
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