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I know that co can be used as shorthand for checkout, and through experimentation I have found di is short for diff and st short for status. Are there shortened codes for all svn commands? If so what are they?

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Typing svn help shows a list of all available commands and their shortcuts:

Available subcommands:
(Only those with 2-letter short-codes listed)

   changelist (cl)
   checkout   (co)
   commit     (ci)
   copy       (cp)
   delete     (rm)
   diff       (di)
   help       (h)
   list       (ls)
   move       (mv)
   propdel    (pd)
   propedit   (pe)
   propget    (pg)
   proplist   (pl)
   propset    (ps)
   status     (st)
   switch     (sw)
   update     (up)
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