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I have a php account with my provider, and I also have cpanel installed for me.

I currently have two drupal sites there, let's called the main myMainSite and another one under construction called myNewSite.

So when I go to www.myMainSite.com, I go to the main site. When I go to myNewSite.myMainSite.com, i go to the drupal site that is under construction.

My question is, when my under construction site goes live, I want that all users that go to www.myMainSite.com see the new site (the one that is under myNewSite.myMainSite.com).

How can I accomplish this with cpanel? is it within the "addon domains" configuration? I don't want a redirect that changes the address bar, ie, I want to keep the original url.

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When you say go to, do you want to redirect all requests: so I type www.myMainSite.com and my browser ends up at myNewSite.. or do you want the content from myNewSite.. to show up at www..? –  Dave May 22 '09 at 18:03
I want the content to show up at www... –  Miguel Ping May 22 '09 at 21:54

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You would just change the DocumentRoot of www.mainsite.com to point to the same DocumentRoot as myNewSite.myMainSite.com.

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I do not control the Apache config –  Miguel Ping Jun 4 '09 at 12:42

I assume you've used cPanel's subdomain control panel to add myNewSite.myMainSite.com. And I'll assume myMainSite.com is in the /public_html/ folder. Therefore the new site (and site with a subdomain) will be at /public_html/myNewSite.myMainSite.com

Why can't you just use File Manager (or FTP) to move all the files in /public_html/ to /public_html/OLDsite?

Then move everything from /public_html/myNewSite.myMainSite into the /public_html/ folder.

Then check your site is working with the new files.

Maybe you could also send a support ticket to your host to see if there's another way. It could be as simple as them changing something in Apache's conf file for the myNewSite.myMainSite.com subdomain.

I'd also think you'd need to change the settings in Drupal (when you've changed domain) so Drupal knows the new domain name too.

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I'm using a CMS that references the full path for some directories, so I cannot move things around. –  Miguel Ping Jun 4 '09 at 12:42

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