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I'm building a backup script where some directories should not be included in the backup archive.

cd /;
find . -maxdepth 2 \ 
    \( -path './sys' -o -path './dev' -o -path './proc' -o -path './media' -o -path './mnt' \) -prune \
-o -print

This finds only the files and directories I want.

Problem is that cpio should be fed with the following option in order to avoid problems with permissions when restoring files.

find ... -depth ....

And if I add the -depth option, returned files and directories include those I want to avoid.

I really don't understand these sentences from the find manual:

-prune True;  if  the  file is a directory, do not descend into it. If
              -depth is given, false; no  effect.   Because  -delete  implies
              -depth, you cannot usefully use -prune and -delete together.
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There is an negation operator in find which you can add. Something like find … -depth … -not -path –  jaypal singh Jan 24 '12 at 16:27

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I am quoting a passage from this tutorial which might offer better understanding of -prune option of find.

It is important to understand how to prevent find from going too far. The important option in this case is -prune. This option confuses people because it is always true. It has a side-effect that is important. If the file being looked at is a directory, it will not travel down the directory. Here is an example that lists all files in a directory but does not look at any files in subdirectories under the top level:

find * -type f -print -o -type d -prune

This will print all plain files and prune the search at all directories. To print files except for those in a Source Code Control Directories, use:

find . -print -o -name SCCS -prune

If the -o option is excluded, the SCCS directory will be printed along with the other files.


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I appreciate your answer but it doesn't solve my problem. I'll post my question in the Unix & Linux section. –  Luis Jan 25 '12 at 16:46
-prune is basically useless in combination with -depth, since it's only applied after you've already visited all of the children. –  DonGar Sep 24 '13 at 22:42

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