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I.m using flash cs5.5 for programing as3 flash games recently i heard that cs5.5 support autocomplete feature and i even found how to toggle it on at (tools->show code hint) but nothing seems to work does anyone have an idea why?

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Have you tried closing and reopening the IDE? I've found in CS5.5, about once a week I get a bug where hinting just stops working entirely. Closing and reopening the IDE fixes it every time for me. –  fenomas Jan 25 '12 at 14:48
its never worked.. i opened the ide many times –  Yosefki Jan 28 '12 at 20:48

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I've found the Flash CS5.5 autocomplete spotty at best. It seems to only work when:

  1. Editing ActionScript on a keyframe when the classes are imported earlier on the frame and/or in the default namespace

  2. You are editing an AS3 class file that is a linkage to a MovieClip or document in an FLA file that is also open

Seconded, FlashDevelop is indeed a great IDE, but Windows only. I recently switched to FlashBuilder (using a Mac now). Both have robust autocomplete functionality and are much better suited to writing applications than Flash.

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i switched to FleshDevelop following the recommendation of the first answer. for now the auto-complete is flawless but i had some pain adjusting my code to the new environment. thanks anyway. (and i use windows anyway so no problem there) –  Yosefki Jan 26 '12 at 15:46

Use flashdevelop ( you can download from here - http://www.flashdevelop.org/ it is free ). This is the best as3 editor ever made. Writing a scripts in Adobe flash is a pain.

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I had this problem in CS6 and after creating several classes and linking Away3d. After several restarts, nothing worked. I went into the Preferences > ActionScript and set my cache size from the default 800 files up to 5000 files. I restarted again and now it works. Hopefully this will help anyone using Flash CS#.

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On the actions panel click on the dropdown on the top left corner and check "script assist"

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