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There is a div in my project, and this project is on-line. Inside this div there is a space that is made in flash (actionscript 3), inside this space we have to sign a contract with the mouse. How can I save this signature without an options window to choose where I want to save this signature?

(The button to save the signature is made in flash too).

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You can send the image data to a server no problem. For security reasons, in the browser you cannot save a file locally without the user seeing a dialog box. To save a file locally you need AIR or another swf wrapper to gain file writing access without a "save" dialog box. –  ToddBFisher Jan 24 '12 at 19:52

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Sounds fun :) Flash can rasterize any DisplayObject (including the entire Stage) as a Bitmap. You can then encode this Bitmap into a compressed image format, such as a JPEG. From there you could either send this JPEG directly to a remote server, or, use ExternalInterface to send it a JavaScript method in the same HTML Page!

Good luck!

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