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Him Please explain what is the difference between different datasources for SQL (shown in the pic.)

I mean difference between Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Database File

enter image description here

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Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server means that you are establishing a network connection to a SQL Server -- the database engine is running either on your machine or remotely and you are using the SQL Server as a service and are connecting to it. That server has the data and you just use a protocol to request operations to be performed.

Connecting using a Microsoft SQL Server database file (MDF) means that you want to use a database file and have a running SQL Server engine running locally use that MDF file. So, if you have SQL Express on your machine, when you create a connection to a MDF file, you're essentially using the SQLExpress engine on your machine to serve up that MDF file (and the database contents) to you.

I admit I almost always connect to a SQL Server, as I'm not guaranteed to have the MDF file available in all environments. Plus, I usually don't install SQL Express.

That's how I understand the difference. Hope this helps!

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Maybe the "Microsoft SQL Server Database File" option refers to manually using SQL Server's files (*.MDF), whereas the Microsoft SQL Server refers to connecting to a full-blown SQL Server ?

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Is that a question? –  Andriy M Jan 24 '12 at 17:41

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