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Is there any way to dump mongo collection into json format? Either on the shell or using java driver.I am looking for the one with best performance.

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Mongo includes a mongoexport utility which can dump a collection:

mongoexport -c <collection_name>

Use the '-o' flag to write the output to file, otherwise standard output is used. This utility uses the native libmongoclient and is likely the fastest method.

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Use the -d flag to specify what database to use. –  Reimund Apr 21 '14 at 14:38

Use mongoexport/mongoimport to dump/restore a collection:

Export JSON File:

mongoexport --db <database-name> --collection <collection-name> --out filename.json

Import JSON File:

mongoimport --db <database-name> --collection <collection-name> --file filename.json

WARNING mongoimport and mongoexport do not reliably preserve all rich BSON data types because JSON can only represent a subset of the types supported by BSON. As a result, data exported or imported with these tools may lose some measure of fidelity.

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From the Mongo documentation:

The mongoexport utility takes a collection and exports to either JSON or CSV. You can specify a filter for the query, or a list of fields to output

Read more here: http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/mongoexport

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