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I have successfully installed following items as i want to Integrate Facebook Chat Into my web page

Python Punjab Twisted

on my windows XP , but now i want to use strophe library , to connect with Punjab.

Does anyone know how do i use strophe library , as i tried one example listed below supplied in strophe library. The problem is i don't know what to specify in JID and Password field which is being asked by basic.html page.


  1. as punjab is successfully installed on my windows xp and i am getting XEP-0124 - BOSH response too

  2. Environment is localhost


var connection = null;

function log(msg) 

function rawInput(data)
    log('RECV: ' + data);

function rawOutput(data)
    log('SENT: ' + data);

function onConnect(status)
    if (status == Strophe.Status.CONNECTING) {
    log('Strophe is connecting.');
    } else if (status == Strophe.Status.CONNFAIL) {
    log('Strophe failed to connect.');
    $('#connect').get(0).value = 'connect';
    } else if (status == Strophe.Status.DISCONNECTING) {
    log('Strophe is disconnecting.');
    } else if (status == Strophe.Status.DISCONNECTED) {
    log('Strophe is disconnected.');
    $('#connect').get(0).value = 'connect';
    } else if (status == Strophe.Status.CONNECTED) {
    log('Strophe is connected.');

$(document).ready(function () {
    connection = new Strophe.Connection(BOSH_SERVICE);
    connection.rawInput = rawInput;
    connection.rawOutput = rawOutput;

    $('#connect').bind('click', function () {
    var button = $('#connect').get(0);
    if (button.value == 'connect') {
        button.value = 'disconnect';

    } else {
        button.value = 'connect';


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Strophe.js Basic Example</title>
    <script src=''></script>
    <script src='../strophe.js'></script>
    <script src='basic.js'></script>
    <div id='login' style='text-align: center'>
      <form name='cred'>
        <label for='jid'>JID:</label>
        <input type='text' id='jid'>
        <label for='pass'>Password:</label>
        <input type='password' id='pass'>
        <input type='button' id='connect' value='connect'>
    <div id='log'></div>
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I have create an account over here and get JID and Password for free and for localhost , use JID as 'localhost' only and you can leave password blank.

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