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I wanna to create chat program, messages can be displayed in a different ways, especially like in IM+ under WP7. But I in a fog, which control to choose. Platform: .NET 4.0, WPF app. PS: I found FlowDocumentScrollViewer some heavy, any other proposal? (Or good example how to use FlowDoc).

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For beginners: WPF Flow Document For Beginners.

An advanced example from the same author: WCF / WPF Chat Application.

The simplest Flow Document example:

<!-- This simple flow document includes a paragraph with some
     bold text in it and a list. -->
<FlowDocumentReader xmlns=""
      <Bold>Some bold text in the paragraph.</Bold>
      Some text that is not bold.

        <Paragraph>ListItem 1</Paragraph>
        <Paragraph>ListItem 2</Paragraph>
        <Paragraph>ListItem 3</Paragraph>

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I'd just go with a TextBlock for each message.

A TextBlock can contain multiple different styles of text, so you could still support things like bold, italics, colors, hyperlinks, etc.

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Thanks, it's use FlowDocument, so it can display any kind of controls to perform my task. I used it. –  user1167602 Feb 2 '12 at 12:30

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