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I was wondering if this recipe does not use Open Session in View or Dozer works (the scenario is a spring, jsf, hibernate application):

I have this in back-end module:

public abstract class AbstractMap<E extends Serializable> implements Mapper<E>  {

    public abstract E map(E e) ;

        public List<E> map(List<E> l) {

        List<E> map = new ArrayList<E>();
        for (E t : l) {
        return map;

public class PersonService extends AbstractService<Person>{

    PersonDAO personDao;

    public List<Person> findPeople(Mapper<Person> m, PersonFilter filter) {

        return m.map(personDao.findByFilter(filter));

In front-end I have this jsb bean:

public class PersonBean {

    PersonService personService;

    PersonFilter personFilter;

    List<Person> getPeople() {

     return personService.findPeople(new AbstractMap<People>() {

     public Person map(Person person) {

             Person dto = new Person();
             dto.setAddresses(new AbstractMap<Address>() {

                public Address map(Address a) {

                    Address dto = new Address();
                    return dto;

         return dto;
        }, personFilter);

From my point of view has some advantages:

  • front-end must to indicate that it want to retrieve every invocation to back-end.
  • if need use a mapper in more than a place, I can move map code to a external class.
  • back-end open and close transaction.
  • don't need duplicate code to define DTOs for Person and Address.

What problems that could cause this proposed solution?

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