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I have a UITableViewController that contains a UISearchBarController for searching. I have all of the searching functionality in place, and it works fine, but I’d like to follow the usual convention of the search bar being accessible from a magnifying-glass icon in the section index. I know I can get the icon by including UITableViewIndexSearch in the array returned by sectionIndexTitlesForTableView:, but how do I scroll to the search bar when the user taps on the magnifying glass? I guess I need to add something to tableView:sectionForSectionIndexTitle:atIndex:, but I don’t know what since (as far as I know) the search controller isn’t really in any of the table’s sections.

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I do something like below within tableView:sectionForSectionIndexTitle:atIndex: to display the search bar. First statement animates the search bar, second one scrolls up to the very first section.

if ([title isEqualToString:UITableViewIndexSearch]) 
    [self.searchController setActive:TRUE animated:TRUE];
    return 0;
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