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I have to perform a comparison of "simple XMPP" with "XMPP over BOSH" for our mobile client(chat based). I want to use same tool to compare both. I searched on internet and found a tool called tsung which supports both HTTP and XMPP. I have setup and able to run tsung for XMPP with given example scripts.

Now the problem is that I am unable to write Tsung xml scripts for "XMPP over BOSH". I tried searching on internet but couldn't find any.

Can somebody please guide me in setting up Tsung for "XMPP over BOSH"?

Please let me know if there exist a tool other than Tsung which can serve my purpose.

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From some time ago you can find BOSH support on TSUNG but only on their master branch in:


For enabling it in your script just change the type of connection to your servers to "bosh":

<server host="my_bosh_server" port="5280" type="bosh"></server>

Just make sure that your XMPP server is listening for BOSH connections on the "http-bind":


Alternatively you can use "bosh_ssl" instead of "bosh" if you want to add SSL to your connections. In any case, yes, it's completely undocumented.

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Tsung is a good choice to test XMPP. And there is a jabber plugin of Tsung - this is a basic tool, just for basic XMPP like register, login, add contact/rename/delete, chat, MUC ,pubsub, presence(connected, online, offline ) ...

And also Tsung's jabber plugin supports raw XML - that means you can send any raw XML data to the server using the raw type :

raw XML You can send raw XML data to the server using the raw type:

<jabber type="raw" ack="no_ack" data="&lt;stream&gt;foo&lt;/stream&gt;"></jabber>

Beware: you must encode XML characters like < ,>, &, etc.

For more content by http://tsung.erlang-projects.org/user_manual.html#htoc58

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The Tsung manual doesn't mention BOSH anywhere though? –  dhruvbird Jun 12 '12 at 3:19
That's true. Tsung does not know BOSH . –  Gentle Yang Jun 18 '12 at 5:08
Maybe you can try JMeter to test XMPP OVER BOSH ? –  Gentle Yang Jul 1 '14 at 2:00

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