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I need some help about an unhandle excetion throw from a sub domain when i invoke a method by reflection.

To explain the context of the problem : I have a console application written(framework 3.5 c#) and i have an assembly(1) file written in dotnet too. From this console application, i have created an another app domain and in this new app domain i invoke by reflection a call to a method from an object who is in this assembly(1). But the big difficult is when the method is invoked and when an exception is throw : i can't catch this exception and i have a big message error in the output console who beginning by "unhandle exception ....etc..."

I tried to souscribe to the unhandleException of the AppDomain but nothing done.

Can you help me?

Thanks you,

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Do you throw your own exception type? Did you make it implement ISerializable? Required to cross the AppDomain boundary. – Hans Passant Jan 24 '12 at 21:06
the exception type is unknown in my application but I see the type name in the error message. I call the method who comes from an external component and i can't catch it before it takes the application down.I tried to apply the advise of SAKryukov but i can't catch the exception without the application crash… – Bordel Bordel Jan 25 '12 at 19:38

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