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I am using Django-Mailer-2 to send email from a Django App. If I have the command python manage.py send_mail run every 5 minutes via the crontab, it will send any emails that have been added to the queue.

If I add 1,000 emails to the queue all at once and the command python manage.py send_mail is run every 5 minutes, will addition threads be started every 5 minutes to send the emails on the queue?

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No, it uses a lock file and will quit if a previous send_mail is running.


    # lockfile has a bug dealing with a negative LOCK_WAIT_TIMEOUT (which
    # is the default if it's not provided) systems which use a LinkFileLock
    # so ensure that it is never a negative number.
    lock.acquire(settings.LOCK_WAIT_TIMEOUT or 0)
except AlreadyLocked:
    logger.debug("Lock already in place. Exiting.")
except LockTimeout:
    logger.debug("Waiting for the lock timed out. Exiting.")
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