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this is my second question regarding more or less the same topic, since I am still struggling with it.

This is the layout I need to build:


Also important:

  • The header and the footer contain buttons, info but shouldn't be included in the page transitions (eg. shouldn't fade in or fade out).
  • In the end I just want the controls inside the "Page w/ content" (see picture below) area to be animated (fade in/fade out, etc) between the different pages.

What I got so far:

  • Header and Footer are user controls;
  • Page w/ content is a Lockablepivot (with headers hidden), and I use the pivot items to switch between the different content I want.


  • I havent been able to put the Islocked = true working (it always gives me a null ref excep);
  • A pivot item is not really a page, so If the user for presses the back button it leaves the app (I think I can probably solve this by overriding the back button etc..);
  • I don't know if its easy or even doable to change the pivot items animations (haven't researched much about this one).

Ok, so my real question:

What other options do I have?

  • Using a ContentPresenter in the "Page w/ content" area to show me another xaml page? I read something about this being not good at all;
  • Do everything in one page but dynamically and through the code add, delete, fade in, fade out all the controls ?

Any ideas? What about performance? Which one should perform best?

Thank you!

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Put an Header and Footer controls to a each page and make any animations with Content control you like

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