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I have a complex javascript class that has many functions, many of which will throw exceptions if they are called outside of a production environment. I need to pass mock instances of this class to the constructor of another class in my tests, however I do not want any of the complex classes functions to actually be called. What I would like to do is have a fake object that has all the functions and properties of the complex class, but for all the functions to just be jasmine spies that do nothing.

Basically I want to be able to do

var fakeComplexClass = createFakeObject(ComplexClass);

var testInstanceOfSimpleClass = new SimpleClass( fakeComplexClass);

And be sure that if testInstanceOfSimpleClass calls any of the fakeComplexClass functions they will be spies and thus not crash my tests.

I could do something like

var fakeComplexClass = { function1() {};, function2() {}; ... } 

but there are many functions and I have a few different complex classes I need to test so just an easy way to basically spy on every single function in a class is what I need.\

Jasmine does have createSpyObj but it requires that you pass it an array of functions. I don't want to have to maintain that array in my tests if I happen to add or delete functions from the complex class so I'd like something that can just spy on every function that is there.

Thanks in advance.

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Take look at SinonJS, it let you stub a whole object:

var stub = sinon.stub(obj); Stubs all the object's methods.

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Thanks! That does the trick :) –  asutherland Jan 25 '12 at 13:52

I created a small lib, which works with jasmine-node.


    var MyClass = function (param) {
    MyClass.prototype.initialize = function (param) {
        if (param != "expectedParam")
            throw new TypeError();

    var mock1 = jasmine.createStub(MyClass, ["*"]);

    var mock2 = jasmine.createStub(MyClass, ["initialize"], ["expectedParam"]);
    expect(mock2.initialize).toThrow(new TypeError());


jasmine.createStub = function (cls, methods, args) {
    if (!(cls instanceof Function))
        throw new TypeError("Invalid class param.");

    var mockClass = function () {
        this.constructor.apply(this, args || []);

    mockClass.prototype = Object.create(cls.prototype);
    mockClass.prototype.constructor = cls;

    var wrap = function (method) {
        if (!mockClass.prototype[method] instanceof Function)
            throw new TypeError("Cannot mock " + method + " it's not a function.");
        jasmine.getEnv().currentSpec.spyOn(mockClass.prototype, method);

    if (methods) {
        if (!(methods instanceof Array))
            methods = [methods];
        if (methods.length == 1 && methods[0] == "*")
            for (var property in mockClass.prototype) {
                if (mockClass.prototype[property] instanceof Function)
            for (var i = 0; i < methods.length; ++i) {
                var method = methods[i];

    return new mockClass();

I think this row wont work with jasmine in browser, but did not test it:

jasmine.getEnv().currentSpec.spyOn(mockClass.prototype, method);

Somehow my jasmine-node does not have a jasmine.spyOn method...

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