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I have no problem to creates in Entity Framework 4 with Visual Studio 2010....

I have setup 1 to 1 association, but I have no idea how should setup the mapping detail...

I have an employee table, compensation table(imported from database). Compensation table's employee_id is foregin key to employee table's id. (I have no idea why the person didn't setup as foregin key in datatable...)


Then here is the mapping detail for association: association mapping

What is the mapping trying to do? I am really getting confuse...

It doesn't let me choose how they are associated by employee table' id to compensation's employee_id...

And it gives me error like:

Error 2 Error 3002: Problem in Mapping Fragment starting at line 353: Potential runtime violation of table compensation's keys (compensation.id): Columns (compensation.id) are mapped to EntitySet compensation's properties (compensation.id) on the conceptual side but they do not form the EntitySet's key properties (compensation.employee_id).

Error 3 Error 3003: Problem in Mapping Fragment starting at line 353: All the key properties (compensation.employee_id) of the EntitySet compensation must be mapped to all the key properties (compensation.id) of table compensation.

Any solution or tutorial could be great.

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Are you using model first or database first? –  Ladislav Mrnka Jan 25 '12 at 9:34
Database first, I wonder if the is because the person haven't setup the foregin key.... But that's not my database so I don't want to change it... –  King Chan Jan 25 '12 at 14:53

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