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i would know if there is a better solution to my code. The method take as param a List that contain about 1000 2000 Link Object. I need to parse them by id , type and return a list which contain 4 link from id 1 , 2 element from id2 ...etc...

  1. My code below maybe it's a very bad code...Is there a way to write it better with less List that use so much memory?
  2. Another question : the response3 List that i sent to GetList, as i said , contains 1000 2000 object and i keep in memory cause i need it for all the life of program and i use it about each 100 seconds. According to you , should i keep in memory or save in a file and read it each 100 seconds?

Update: For each time that i call this method i need to get only 10 15 elements. 1000 is min and 2000 is a maxium number that response3 could contains.

//response contain a list of 1000 2000 links taken from a //httpwebRequest and take data from XML Document webpage and parse it into a list

public List<MainForm.Links> GetList(List<Links> response3)
    //Other 4        
    var rnd = new Random();
    var q = from a in response3.GroupBy(l => new { l.idHost, l.Type })  
            let col = a.ToList()
            select col[rnd.Next(0, col.Count)];

    foreach (Links str in q)
        switch (str.idHost)
            case 0: 
            case 1: 
            case 2: 
            case 3 
            //Other 4 list 

    var google = listGoogle.OrderBy(x => rnd.Next()).Take(4);
    var yahoo = listYahoo.OrderBy(x => rnd.Next()).Take(2);
    var Bing = listBing.OrderBy(x => rnd.Next()).Take(1);
    var otherSeacher = listOtherSeacher.OrderBy(x => rnd.Next()).Take(1);
    //Other same 4  

    tmp = google.Where(h => h != null).ToList();
    tmp.AddRange(yahoo.Where(h => h != null));
    tmp.AddRange(bing.Where(h => h != null));
    tmp.AddRange(other.Where(h => h != null)); 
    .....other 4     
    return tmp;
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I don't see how/where you're getting a random element from these lists... –  Adrian Jan 24 '12 at 21:36
Look better the code :) var google = listGoogle.OrderBy(x => rnd.Next()).Take(4); etc... –  user1107078 Jan 24 '12 at 21:41
why dont you put all in one list and select a few of them? I don't know enough about your program and what you're trying to achieve. It definitely seem to select some randoms –  Adrian Jan 24 '12 at 21:53
Hard to guess what "1000 2000" means. If this means "between 1000 and 2000" and these are URLs that are going to be visited then optimizing this code is quite pointless. –  Hans Passant Jan 24 '12 at 21:57
@Hans Passant 1000 2000 are the links that could be there in the response3. I take each time only 10 15 no more. –  user1107078 Jan 24 '12 at 22:04

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