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I am wondering how one would go about specifing a certain amount time, say X seconds. I'm writing the behaviour for a class that represents a Till (as in, a supermarket till), and whish to specify how long it takes to check out 1 item.

I'm doing this so once I receive the number of items a customer has, the time taken to serve the customer is simply:


ITEM_CHECKOUT_TIME would be a constant, and what I wish to specify. Some basic arithmetic would be done on this constant, like above.

Sure, I could use a double to represent the time, but I was wondering if it's actually possible with the Time classes, or anything else specifically for this task.


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I would not use a double to represent time. I would probably represent it as a whole number of milliseconds (or nanoseconds). If you're looking for something fancier, you might want to look at the Duration class in the Joda-Time library:


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