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By default the dijit.calendar shows the current date / month. Using the visual controls a user can change the view and choose a date. I need to problematically change the displayed date based on other circumstances.

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You can set the value property, similarly to other widgets

//change the calendar's date to just now:
myCalendar.set('value', new Date() )

//change the calendar's date to Christmas eve
myCalendar.set('value', new Date(2012, 11, 24) )
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This is not working for me. I have <div data-dojo-type="dijit/Calendar" id="myCal"><script type="dojo/method" data-dojo-event="onChange" data-dojo-args="value">-some onChange event--</script></div> and I dijit.byId('myCal').set('value', new Date()); –  Sathish Kumar k k Oct 18 '13 at 10:18
@SathishKumarkk: You should ask this as a separate question. Noone else is going to see your post if its just a comment under my answer. –  hugomg Oct 18 '13 at 15:54
ok I will post it as a separate question. –  Sathish Kumar k k Oct 21 '13 at 10:56

For anyone else who wants to change the "Displayed Date" and not the "Selected Date" of the calendar, you want the currentFocus of the calendar. That is, the selected value could be Jan 1, 2012, but the calendar is currently displaying December.


// display the month of December 2012
widget.set('currentFocus', Date(2012, 11, 24))
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