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I'm using < font size="">< /font> setting the text font in UIWebview. And here is the problem :

when using font of different sizes, everything is fine.

< div>< font size=\"2\">text< /font>< /div><br/>
< div>< font size=\"5\">text< /font>< /div>

but when using font of same size continuously, the size of the font is set to default font size. The effect of

<br/>< div>< font size=\"2\">text< /font>< /div>
<br/>< div>< font size=\"2\">text< /font>< /div><br/>

is equal to

<br/>    < div>text< /div>
<br/>    < div>text< /div>
<br/>which is obviously bigger than
<br/>    < div>< font size=\"2\">text< /font>< /div>

anyone can help?

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<font> tags have been deprecated for a very long time. Use CSS instead.

<div style="font-size: 8px">small text</div>

Or even better:

  .small { font-size: 8px; }

<div class="small">small text</div>
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