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is it possible to change the name of the imported python file?

in my in django i have

from myapp.models import *
from suds.client import Client

def main_page(request, id):
   client = Client.objects.get(id=id)
   response = Client(WSDL_FILE)

in my models i have a model of a Client, but when i used suds for the WSDL file, i import Client but i got the AttributeError in my Client's model ...

my question is, it is possible if i can change the name of the Client in suds.client?

can anyone have an idea about my situation?

thanks in advance ...

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Yes, you can use as keyword.

import my_module as some_other_name
from suds.client import Client as Spam

It's for exactly this purpose. This is explained in the docs here:

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from suds.client import Client as WhateverYouLike
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