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I have installed Brunch into my working directory as well as Coffee Script.

Installation went over fine.

When I try to run the local server with:

gorteks$ brunch watch --server

I get:

[Brunch]: couldn't load Error: Cannot find module '/Users/Me/Sites/brunch/'

Any cause for this?

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Since you are looking for, I am assuming you are using 0.9.0-beta1 (as of 1/25/12). When you run brunch -v does it tell you that?

Did you create a new project and cd into that folder?

brunch new SomeProject
cd SomeProject

Now, do you see the in that project folder (ls .)? From this folder, can you build?

brunch build

Do you have a pathing issue, perhaps? Can you call out the folder directly?

brunch watch . --server


brunch watch SomeProject --server

Just some random thoughts.

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