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I have the following tables:

Student Data

  • Student ID (primary key)

Prior Education

  • Student ID (foreign key)
  • Prior Education Code

At the moment I have a query that displays various data from Student Data with one record per student. I want to add an additional column to this query that shows "Y" if there is at least one matching record in Prior Education and "N" is there is no matching record. Basically I want an answer to the question "Does this student have any prior education?".

I want one record per student in the query regardless of how many records they have in Prior Education.

I'm working in MS Access and have little experience with SQL so solutions that don't require much SQL knowledge are preferable, but not necessary.

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You may use LEFT JOIN and IIF.

SELECT student.studentid,iif (isnull(prior.priorid),'Yes','No')
FROM student LEFT JOIN [prior] ON student.studentid = prior.studentid;


SELECT student.studentid, iif(count(prior.priorid)<>0,'Yes','No')
FROM student LEFT JOIN [prior] ON student.studentid=prior.studentid
group by student.studentid
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This does exactly what I asked for, however it gives multiple records per student based on the number of records they have in Prior Education. I should've been more specific in my original question (I've since edited it to fix this). If you could modify the code to achieve this that would great. –  LittleJohn Jan 25 '12 at 3:32
@LittleJohn - Add group by and compare value of Count() aggr function. Have a look at edited post. –  AVD Jan 25 '12 at 3:38
Thanks. The changes work great. –  LittleJohn Jan 25 '12 at 9:06

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