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If I have an array:

    [0] => H
    [1] => e
    [2] => l
    [3] => l
    [4] => o
    [5] =>
    [6] => F
    [7] => r
    [8] => i
    [9] => e
    [10] => n
    [11] => d

And wanted to merge the values of the array based on the keys and end up with a new array of:

    [0] => Hell
    [1] => o
    [2] => Friend


Whats the best way of doing so with php?

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Could you be more specific with what you mean by "based on the keys"? –  sdleihssirhc Jan 25 '12 at 4:42
What is so special about that "hell" :) –  codaddict Jan 25 '12 at 4:43
lol, to me that seems completely whimsical unless you want to split with spaces. –  Aram Kocharyan Jan 25 '12 at 4:47
Could you explain the logic of your idea in the way that does not require AI or human ?) –  Cheery Jan 25 '12 at 4:47
Also, I think you mean based on values. The keys here would be indices. –  Aram Kocharyan Jan 25 '12 at 4:49

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use range() to get the pieces you want (range()returns an array) and feed that array to implode() to merge the array into a string. (implode() returns a string).

implode(range(0,3)) should return Hell.

doing the previous does not remove the ell from their places. to remove other parts of the array, use unset()

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Thank you, this is the clue I was looking for! –  7wonders Jan 25 '12 at 9:28

You should create a new array, and concatenate values of your previous array (from/to the index you want), you don't precise how you want to divide your words in your array (by that, I mean : why Hell o Friend?

    $arr_bis = array();
    $temp= '';
    $arr = array('h', 'e', 'y');
    foreach ($arr as $value) {

    array_push($arr_bis, $temp);

It is not a complete solution, just how I think it could be done!

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You could separate by words like this:

$input = Array('H','e','l','l','o','','!');

$merged = array();

$word = '';
foreach ($input as $k=>$v) {
    if (!empty($v)) {
        $word .= $v;
    } else {
        array_push($merged, $word);
        $word = '';
array_push($merged, $word);

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