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I am using Atlassian JIRA™ (Professional Edition, Version: 3.0.3-#75 and Netbeans IDE 7.1 But when trying to validate a connection to Jira from netbeans it gave me this error "Jira RPC services are not enabled"

while I have enabled it and also I enabled allow remote calls in Jira

To be more specific "RPC JIRA Plugin" that I have installed is

The standard JIRA RPC services, both SOAP and XML-RPC. Plugin Version: 1.1 JIRA version: 3.0

It has System XML-RPC Services (xmlrpc) The standard JIRA XML-RPC services. RPC Field Coordinator (rpcFieldCoordinator) Issue Service (issueService)
User Service (userService)
Token Manager (tokenManager)
System SOAP Services (soap) The standard JIRA SOAP services. Magic Field Validator (magicFieldValidator) Project Service (projectService)

My global configurations are: Allow users to vote on issues ON Allow users to watch issues ON Allow unassigned issues ON Cache issues ON External user management OFF Logout Confirmation Never Use Gzip Compression OFF Accept remote API calls ON

BTW, it is not just netbeans, I got same problem with other tools as well to connect to jira

I will apreciate if my answer be found ASAP . Thanks

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JIRA 3.0.x is very old, way past end of life! But it should work with the JIRA Python CLI. ~Matt –  mdoar Jan 26 '12 at 23:39
Thanks for answering. Yep its older than my granddad! But our company don't want to spend more on Jira. However , I can't install any plug-in, just can do whatever can be done using it's UI. –  Nil null Jan 31 '12 at 5:12

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Answering an old question, but I thought someone else might find this useful.

I got the same error today setting up an issue tracker in NetBeans 7.2 and I eventually tracked it down to NetBeans not being able to correctly resolve (using DNS) the (local) host name that was running our JIRA server. When I changed NetBeans to use 'No Proxy' in the main settings, it worked fine.

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