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I have a Maven project set up in my Eclipse Helios 3.6. It builds and deploys perfectly fine. But it shows a red mark on my project and shows a lot of JSP issues. I want to somehow get rid of these JSP validation issues in problem view. One example of JSP issue is ArrayList can not be resolved to a type. What I have done for this is inside window->preferences->web->jsp files->validation I have unchecked the validate jsp fragments Apart from this I right clicked On my project. Go to Properties->Validations then checked suspend all validator check box but stiil i see same issues in problem view and see red mark on my project?

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I do similar as Aravind but I do it on the general settings: Preferences > Validation. Here I deselect all 'Build' checkboxes but leave the 'Manual' select for when I want to manually validate a JSP, XML, ... .

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I usually do the following - Right click project - properties -Validation -->Configure settings link on validation frame - Disable all .Also Right click project - properties -Validation --> JSP Syntax - Uncheck project specific settings .

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Thats what i also did suspend all validators. May be these errors are previous to these settings. Is there any way i can delete all errors in from problem view in one go as i have 7390 errors? –  M Sach Jan 25 '12 at 10:47
@MSach right click in your problems view , select all -- > press delete button . –  Aravind A Jan 25 '12 at 10:53
I have 22000 errors in jsp. It aonly allows me to select maximum 100 in one go. In that way i have to do it 220 times. Is there a way i can do it in one go? –  M Sach Jan 27 '12 at 11:05

I'm using sts-2.5.0.RELEASE (based on Eclipse 3.6) and I solved the problem unchecking these properties:

Preferences > Validation > JSP Content Validator (uncheck manual & build)

Preferences > Validation > JSP Syntax Validator (uncheck manual & build)

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Instead of disabling your validations, which is a good aspect in eclipse.

Just select the whole code cut and paste it back on the same page, All the reds will vanish automatically. If the reds are still present, that means there is some problem in the code which you are writing.

Validations generally help you alot in eclipse, the jsp's can sometimes be an issue regarding these validations.

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I've always done this to force-refresh the validation when I'm editing JSP. But sometimes the validator can still give you errors or warnings that shouldn't be there at all. JSP validation in Eclipse is useful, I agree, but it's also quite buggy unlike Java validation which works smooth as a breeze (if it gets crazy I just need to hit Ctrl-S). –  ADTC Dec 21 '12 at 4:02

Right-click on the JSP file > Properties Select the "Derived" checkbox.

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