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I have written some modules with guice. These are working great. I have also some singletons or a logger I need in my modules which I want to inject into these modules.

For example I have my JpaModule where I need my Configuration.


public class ConfigurationModule extends AbstractModule {

  protected void configure() {


public class JpaDaoModule extends AbstractModule {

  Configuration config;

  protected void configure() {
    // ... Read config and do something

Call to Guice:

Guice.createInjector(new ConfigurationModule(), new JpaDaoModule());

How can I accomplish this? Or how can I provide the configuration to the JpaModule the guicy way?

/Kind regards


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This is not possible. In the configure() method you set up your bindings. You cannot expect them to be available already. Also, modules are not eligible for injection per se. You can, however, get access to Guice-managed instances in providers or @Provides methods.

String provideSomeConfigItem(Configuration config) {
    return config.get("myConfigItem");
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Ok, Thx - that helps a log –  Waxolunist Jan 25 '12 at 10:42

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