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ODP.NET was released on December 28, 2011 and its description says that it contains Oracle Instant Client Since I'm distributing the Instant Client binaries directly with my application I'm using the Basic Lite version of the instant client to reduce file sizes. So I tried to download the new Basic Lite version like I previously did when ODP.NET was updated, but there is no Win32 download of Oracle Instant Client The download page shows as the latest version.

Is the new Basic Lite version available anywhere? Or can I just use the old one?

edit: Found an answer to the second question myself in the release notes:

ODP.NET requires Oracle Client or Oracle Instant Client

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Unless you ran into a specific bug on that you know is fixed in, you should be fine with


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Do you mean the Instant Client or ODP.NET in general? Because my last question was if I can use the new ODP.NET with the old Instant Client Basic Lite. – cremor Jan 25 '12 at 16:37

Just to update an old question, for Windows 32-bit is now (as of July 2013) available on the downloads page that the question references:

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Thanks to the Oracle forum I've now found the lite DLL in the non-xcopy download (

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